Sunday, January 21, 2007

it's been awhile

as a way to distract myself from the "creative block" i'm experiencing as of late, i've rediscovered reading a good old fashioned book. from the library, even. my nose has been buried in two books in a series recently, and i'm not at all embarrassed to say they are in the "inspirational romance" genre. feel-good fiction, i like to think of it as. while the enjoyment is mostly effortless, it sufficiently does the job of stimulating my brain without clamboring for my constant attention like my children do...i use the term "clamboring" with utmost affection!
anyway, i plan to revisit oprah's book club list and pick up where i left off with william faulkner's classics. these were tough reads as i remember, and so will be more than enough to satisfy my need for brain stimulation.

nemo said something thought-provoking today. "the world, according to nemo" is daily discussion around here, half question/answer, half monologue, actually. questions like "why is mr. potato head a potato?" exclamations such as, "baby mia is bestroying my book!!" all day long, reasons why he shouldn't have to eat "regular food" before dessert, negotiating to use the computer or watch a movie, objecting to playing in his room by himself or taking a bath or going to bed or turning off the tv. all normal stuff. but today was a little different. he quietly sat at the desk, drawing his latest creation, and then proudly presented it to me and ian. this is how it went:
nemo: this is a sho-sho-sho
mom: what's a sho-sho-sho?
nemo: it's all things around you. like when i jump on the bed, there's a sho-sho-sho. all things around you comes.
mom: where did you learn about a sho-sho-sho?
nemo: i learned about it from me.
mom: what does it look like?
nemo: it looks like this. (he points to the picture he drew). it doesn't look black anymore. it looks like colors.
mom: is it around mia? and mama? and daddy?
nemo: yes.

very interesting. this post begins with the drawing that inspired this conversation.


Julie said...

Nemo's clairvoyant like me! Awesome.

Melissa said...

Very interesting conversation! I know we've talked about children being able to see things before. Hmm. Something to think about anyway. And Julie, clairvoyant, what????

michelle collazo said...

we've all known nemo was quite special for a long time, right? kidding. i love how articulate he is becoming, and this was just a perfect example of how he let us see his point of view in an interesting context.

Jonathan said...

Michelle, this is your brother. I have my own blog now so you can all see my adventures in New York. Its

Anyway, Julie must be right or he is the special child for the church of scientology and I would expect them to already know of his gift.