Friday, January 26, 2007

creative block lifting

i'm finally meandering my way out of the "no scrapbooking for months" rut...actually working on my honeymoon photos. i made this cool cigar box/memory box thing with ephemera all over it and am working on the mini-scrapbook that goes inside. i started it months ago, but felt like i was going nowhere with it. so i sighed and felt sorry for myself and my lack of ideas and put it away. but that i'm freshly organized and moved into my new "studio" in my bedroom, i find myself enjoying it again.

so the bedroom studio is interesting, but since i love the coziness of my room and it's rounded ceiling and surprising spaciousness, i think it's going to work. i actually have a closet big enough for my supplies, and i even cleared out half my dresser to make room for the essentials. it's kind of fun. i use the top of my dresser and ian's dresser as my workspace, lay out stuff on the bed, get the stereo going and sing to myself ...totally relaxing and rejuvenating. ian watches the little ones a lot so that i can have this time to myself.

looking forward to tomorrow, though, because i'm only working eight hours and then i'm off on a special birthday date with sweet husband. he took the kids out to get a cake today and when i asked nemo what kind of cake he said, "it's a surprise mom. i'm not going to tell you anything about the cake." since when was he in on surprises?


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day at work and a great night out with Ian. How sweet that Nemo is in on the cake surprise! Congrats on getting your scrapping mojo back too. I know it is a great feeling when everything just comes together easily.

Jonathan said...

Happy birthday Michelle!