Thursday, March 22, 2007

God made robots, right Mom?

Ummmm.....I suppose so, Nemo. Yet another interesting thought swirling around in my little boy's brain. One of hundreds of "not sure how to answer" questions he poses every day. He just wants to know, and he doesn't stop asking until we actually acknowledge him. Ian and I could be in the middle of a fascinating discussion about our latest Netflix arrivals or the not-so-subtle presence of our noisy neighbors or Mia's most recent accomplishment, and Nemo will just start saying the same thing over and over and over, louder and louder and louder, until one of us sighs in irritation and mutters, "Never mind, I'm not going to try and talk over him". We then answer him quickly, but more importantly go on to attempt to convey to him yet another nuance of the art of conversation...namely, not respectful for little children to interrupt their parents. He usually makes eye contact briefly and then proceeds to ask another question or otherwise change the subject completely. Again, we sigh and shake our heads in a very slightly defeated sort of way. Oh, this child. Good thing we love him too much.

Speaking of Mia's most recent accomplishments....add walking and loving to look at books to the list. Every day I delight in sharing her enthusiasm and curiosity for all the bits and pieces she's learning about...the funny sounds she makes with her lips (not to mention how silly she looks!), the precise way she picks up a piece of food and puts in her mouth (and then proceeds to gag on it a minute later because she has put one too many pieces of food in her mouth), the smile and giggle as she's looking through her stack of board books, the excitement of propelling herself forward, arms outstretched for balance, toes curled into the floor for stability...sheer momentum getting her from point to point. Expert crawler, novice walker, but willing to practice at it every day. I could easily watch her for hours. The cheeks on this kid are just an added bonus. Very kissable.

Onto my more inner world. As far as work goes, when did birth become such a spectator sport? The woman with her 5 younger children and various aunts, uncles, and grandparents lined up on the couch...the woman who was absolutely fine with allowing both grandparents in the room while I catheterized her (grandpa hid behind a newspaper, revealing to the rest of us that he wasn't absolutely fine with this), the young woman who only allowed her three closest friends in the room (these grown women colored on black fuzzy posters all night while she labored), and most recently, the woman whose father sat in the "audience area" to view pushing and birth, while her mother and partner stayed in the more "modest zone" up by her head. Strange, huh? I admit, my mother and sister were present for Mia's birth (in addition to two midwives and Ian), but I asked them to be there for a specific purpose: to support me and take some nice photos of Mia and me just after she was born. I felt this was tasteful, I was grateful for their presence, and I know they were all equally touched by the experience. There are many births that I assist with that are special and meaningful like this...but often I feel uncomfortable for my patient because she might not realize how vulnerable and exposed she is. I feel protective of the birth, even though it is not my own. I know birth is a family event, but it is also intimate, raw, and private. Not unlike the process of conception which started the whole thing in the first place. Anyway, that's work.

Now, for my hobby. The scrapbooking convention was a hit with me, though I often shook my head and chuckled to myself at the crazed enthusiasm over stickers, ink pads, die cutting tools, and random products called "fabulous foil". Yikes. It was definitely worth going to, especially because I took two excellent classes led by two of the scrapbooking world's most popular "motivational speakers". These ladies are gracious and funny, excited about telling their stories through scrapbooking, and very down-to-earth and approachable. What a delightful job they must have! Their very healthy enthusiasm for scrapbooking is contagious and inspiring, and my list of potential projects grows longer every day. If only I could get paid to scrapbook full time!

In closing, God made not have directly been responsible for the creation of robots on any given day of the week of creation, but we certainly have him to thank for all these gorgeous spring flowers I've been feasting my eyes on. The daffodils are so perky and friendly...definitely my favorite spring flower...those and all the pink dogwood trees all over the city. Sunshine and warm temps made for a blissful weekend outdoors. Several neighborhood walks in the wagon, playing on the playground, riding bikes....ah, spring. Our transition out of hibernation. Refreshing, and well worth the wait.


Jonathan said...

Oh nemo, I miss that kid, along with all of you. I hope everything is going great for you Michelle, I'm sure it is! By the way, isnt Pandora amazing? I love that player. Take care.

Your little brother

Melissa said...

Hey Michelle-

Like the new format! It's a lot more "you." How did scrapbooking go the other day? I did 3 layouts inspired by layouts in the new SS issue. I'll have Todd scan them so I can post them. Have a good week!

Jonathan said...

hey so how do you feel about the man who is in my companies name. He really isnt the boss he just paid for the building, like the other 10 in the city. Also Swayze it is because I dont think the world recognizes Jennifer Grey anymore.
Chocolate by the bald man is a everything chocolate restaurant and has everything from drinking chocolate, desert pizza, fondue, smores(which we had), chocolate soup(which sounds weird) and other things...amazing.
Well I cant wait to see you guys and hopefully it will be before my wedding as it has been quite long already. Take care!