Friday, December 8, 2006

here we go again

we became quite spoiled living in the house on 59th ave. it was the perfect size for our growing family, situated in a nice little neighborhood {though on a very busy & noisy street}, Nemo had a friend right across the street and it was two minutes from his new little preschool. Mia was born in the dining room, leaving a very sweet imprint in the house's legacy. our neighbors were quiet, and even though we rented it, it felt like ours. speaking of renting, our landlords were the best. even the managers they hired to care for the place were really personable and friendly.

so when it became more than obvious that, for many reasons, we'd have to move yet again, the idea took some getting used to. we dreaded the thought of moving back into an apartment..."downgrading", if you will. what if there wouldn't be enough room? what if we had the neighbors from hell, and they were not only next door, but right on the other side of the wall? what if our pride really couldn't take it?

but when I saw the "for rent" sign only one block from where I work, I knew we could make this happen. it turns out, the apartment we moved into was the same one we looked at four years earlier just before Nemo was born. it felt like we were right back at square one, only now with two children. interesting. aside from a few minor inconveniences (coin laundry in the basement!!), this has actually been one of our best moves...and there have been many!

here are the highlights of living in anita court apartments with two children and a husband:
*the hospital where i work is right across the commute involves an invigorating five minute walk there and back!
*Ian brings the kids over to visit almost every shift that I work...I get to nurse Mia and connect with my family during the long 12 hrs away from home
*our dear friends, the Davises, are right across the street...they're like surrogate grandparents to the thoughtful and wise...we are incredibly blessed to know them
*we save $515/month on rent alone...not to mention no water/sewer and garbage/recycling bills, and a way cheaper gas bill...we are going to get ahead on this debt!!
*I don't have to work nights anymore, Ian in now the stay-at-home dad
*this place is surprisingly cozy...nice to take a break from the creaky wood floors...more closet space...I also like the "townhouse" feel of having an upstairs and downstairs
*we're located about five blocks from a really great neighborhood school that Nemo will begin attending next more preschool tuition!
*we're within walking distance of the MAX station...the best pizza in town...and a beautiful park
*we've gotten rid of a bunch of stuff we don't need and we're not so quick to buy more to fill the space...when I said cozy, I meant cozy {about 1/2 the square footage of our last place}; still, we're making every inch of it the Collazo home...simplifying is so refreshing

in shifting our focus from what we don't have to making the most out of what we do have, we are allowing ourselves a unique glimpse into appreciating every single blessing bestowed on our family. humility and gratefulness take over as pride and materialism slowly fade into the background. a bit idealistic, maybe, but this is the aspiration. live with less. actions reflecting values. I'm finally starting to feel at home. apartment living really isn't so bad.

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Melissa said...

I think some decluttering is in order in my house too. Maybe then it will feel more homey.