Tuesday, December 2, 2008

happy christmas.

the kids (and I, of course), are getting in the spirit around here. day one of december found me putting the finishing touches on the advent calendar. this is the new and improved version, and though it felt a bit "piece-mealy" putting it together, it will serve it's purpose, and I am moving on.

I stapled four pieces of cork together, then stapled strips of patterned paper over the seams, then arranged all the boxes and attached them to the cork with thumbtacks. Last year's version was simply stuck on the wall with poster putty, but I found that I was always picking up those darn boxes off the floor and adding more putty. So, this'll do for this year.

The advent activity for the first was to make a special Christmas treat with Mom. Both kids like to help in the kitchen...Mia takes any opportunity to request "can you bring the yellow chair in the kitchen?" I always know what that means...I've got a helper whether I want one or not!

So, here we are making those delicious "out of the box" brownies with liberal Christmas sprinkles.

After children's bedtime, Ian and I continued on with season 3 of LOST...this show is pretty addicting to say the least. And I'm thinking the only way to watch it is on DVD. Instant gratification. I dream about this program way too often. Just something about it.

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Melissa said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I had no idea you guys were watching LOST!!!! Now we have even more to talk about! I am seriously addicted to that show. I watched the first 2 seasons on dvd after watching the last half of season 3 while it was on. I then caught up with season 3 about this time last year, in time for season 4 to start. Can you tell I'm addicted? :) Chanda and I are counting down the days till season 5 starts in January. And this is the one show that I will talk about endlessly, if given the opportunity. It's fantastic!