Saturday, November 29, 2008

what goes around comes right on back.

since i ignored the fancy "$8.95/mo" blog for about seven months (i'm cringing and feeling embarrassed by my lack of "stick-to-it-iveness"), i can no longer justify keeping the typepad address. back to the freebies for me. cutting out the unnecessary, and it just feels good, i have to say.

will my gym membership be next? (it's only been a week since i've been).

we put the tree up today...the kids were all over those decorations, and they fought over two plastic candy canes all day. they both wanted the red one, though the green one was perfectly fine from my perspective. we played some elvis christmas tunes on the record player. i can't seem to find my amy grant christmas record (the first album), but now i'm wondering if i never had it in the first place? any randalls have any ideas on that one?

we will be starting our advent countdown calendar on monday, and nemo is pretty darn excited. he's already asked about doing some of the same activities we did last year. i'll take some pictures along the way.


now, the whole farmer thing? yeah.......could i pick something any more opposite of what i am currently making money doing? definitely not quitting my 'night' job yet, but am very intrigued. i have absolutely no background in anything remotely related to farming (unless we end up raising cows and they need me to stand by while they give birth...but somehow i have a feeling they know what they're doing...). i'm not sure if i'm interested in the growing my own food kind of farming or raising animals for milk and eggs or harvesting to sell at a farmer's market or if all of this is too absurd to even continue to entertain, but i'm doing this thing now where i'm just waiting. waiting for God to show me what's next. and praying that the answer will be clear. oh, and i'm reading through exodus right now and very easily relating to the israelites and all their darn complaining. the Lord is practically dropping food from the sky in the way of blessings and yet i still complain. i need to just shut it sometimes and be grateful.

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Melissa said...

Yeah! You're back! Sounds like you are doing well. So are you reading the same book I am? Real Food? We should talk on the phone sometime. I bought my first 1/2 gallon of non-homogonized organic grass-fed milk yesterday. It's already half gone as I have a batch of organic whole milk yogurt cooking. Must re-organize my thoughts about what we eat and how much of it we eat. To eat healthier seems to be more expensive, but I'm sure I can be creative. Let's talk soon! I like your farmer ideas. Go check out for a family that has abandoned their Cocoa Beach life for an old Amish farm in Kentucky. Very intruiging!