Wednesday, August 22, 2007

entrepreneurial update...and other stuff is coming along...keep checking on our daily-hourly, really-progress. talk about learning as you go. we are so fortunate that ian is patient and resourceful...the process of building the site, designing and redesigning each piece, the business's all very tedious. and he manages to do it all in the company of a very active 5 yr old. the little boy in question is dressing as spiderman these days. he sings the spiderman theme songs constantly (the one from the 60s cartoon series and also the one from the electric company...thanks to netflix and youtube!!), climbs all over the furniture and even attempts to suspend himself in narrow spaces. he shoots webs at strangers, but then when they say "hey spiderman!!", he yells back "i'm not really spiderman, i'm just dressed like spiderman!" (i do not get this kid...he seems to want the attention, but has a hard time playing along. very literal about things.)

anyway, back to the business...the running spiderman commentary is a bit of a distraction for ian, though i think he has just learned to tune nemo out. and not that nemo is trying to engage ian (well sometimes he is), it's more that nemo is entertaining himself loudly in the background.
today we set up a couple e-mail accounts through our host site (, and we even set up our paypal service. we will be able to accept credit cards through paypal without having to open a separate merchant account (yay....less hassle!) and our clients will be able to pay us with credit cards or their own paypal account. the cost is fairly minimal, 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction.
i worked on writing nice descriptions of each piece in the holiday collection while ian sketched out a map for the ordering process...multiple pages, multiple links...all very virtual and time-consuming to set up.

this afternoon i took a break and drove out with the kids and vivien to babies r us to look for a new stroller. up until today, we were using a $20 umbrella stroller from fred meyer, which worked well enough, but was not very enticing to go out on walks with. i still wanted something lightweight and similar to a cheapy umbrella stroller, but a little more substantial. i found a nice graco model in a trendy chocolate brown...very easy to fold and open, and the best part is the handles. they come right up to my no more bending over to push the stroller. the cheap umbrella strollers are definitely sized for short people. this one was made for people over 5'2"!
the other motivation was my upcoming travel adventure with the kiddos. this stroller is perfect for travel.

so, travel. august 28 is fast approaching, and nemo and i are getting excited. he knows the trip is a week away, and i think he gets the concept of that much time. i did a little prep shopping today, and since i have the next couple days off of work, i'm going to try to have most everything organized and ready.

we don't have much of an itinerary, except to spend lots of time with the canups and grandma and grandpa...we get to meet molly the puppy, too. nemo is excited about that for sure. i'm looking forward to going through old pictures and old stuff...would really like to visit with grandma randall....maybe even my old elementary school so nemo can see where mommy went to kindergarten. we are very much looking forward to this trip! pray for safe and peaceful travels.

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Melissa said...

What a great post! Sounds like you are busy getting ready for the trip. We can't wait for you to come!

Your website is beautiful. I'm looking forward to browsing a bit more and choosing some cards for Christmas. No way am I making mine this year!