Thursday, July 12, 2007

good intentions...

Not only a great little Randy Travis tune, but what seems to be one of my prevailing weaknesses...related to blog posting, anyway. I guess not too much is new around our house.

A recap of the last few weeks...Nemo and Mia r
ecovered from yucky colds and are back to their busy little selves. Nemo visited the pediatrician this week for his five-year-old checkup. 44 inches (75th percentile for height...this ki d's going to be 6 feet tall!), 44 pounds, normal vision (no color blindness), he can hear (good to get confirmation of this since we must ask him at least a dozen times to follow directions), meeting all developmental milestones...ready for kindergarten in September. Ian did ask for some tips on how to teach him to blow his nose...Mia can imitate this one quite well, but Nemo can't seem to grasp the "blowing out" concept...he always ends up sucking all the snots back in. Yum. He ended the appointment with a whopping three shots...poor kiddo. Ian said he was very brave, and he got to pick out several prizes from the treasure chest. He woke up in the middle of the night, though, complaining of a sore arm. Sure enough, it was quite tender and swollen and hot to the touch. A little ibuprofen and Arnica oil rubbed in and I sent him back to bed.

We took Nemo to take in a great little fireworks show on the 4th...his first ever, and soooo much better than watching it on TV!! We were able to sit on the tailgate of the car, had the perfect view, and zipped on out as soon as they finished.

Our trusty Honda demanded a new battery today...I demanded a new hair cut. Both demands were fulfilled with great results. I think I've got the hip mom style going on (read: short), but I like it a lot. It suits me well.

No new updates on our website yet, but we were able to
purchase Adobe Illustrator with some Flex Reimbursement money, and Ian is teaching himself to use it...he has about 10 holiday cards and 2 birth announcements completed. I think August will be website construction month. "Go live" will b e first part of September, hopefully!

The last two weeks have seen some new additions to our living room...looking much less "bachelor like" these days, I have to say! The couch came first, and Ian's mom was kind enough to take the futon off our hands. Then, the beautiful solid walnut wall unit we found at a vintage store. It's American made, Danish style, very nice and making our humble home very co

With the toasty weather this week, we've been enjoying the window AC unit that Ian installed in the kid's room. Our upstairs is quite small, so the unit cools down the whole space when doors are left open. We spent an afternoon at Grant Park in Portland...very cool old wading pool and "Ramona Quimby" fountains...this was, after all, the park she played in! Mia scampered around in her swim suit...Nemo made a new friend. This new friend happened to be one of the children of a woman whom I had been friends with in a mom's group several years back...when Nemo was still a baby. We're going to play at the park again tomorrow and reconnect a bit.

Movies I've seen lately: Hot Fuzz (hysterical...definitely Netflix this one if you haven't seen it), The Devil Wears Prada (this was on my queue, and for sure a chick flick, though Ian was mildly amused as he watched it with me!), Arrested Development Final Season (ok, technically not a movie, but I loved every minute of this program...brilliant writing), Unfaithfully Yours (a Criterion Collection edition of a 1940s black comedy...very funny, and classic, beautiful ending...not at all or the movie!)

Books I'm in the middle of currently: One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (this was an Oprah Book Club pick some time is extremely well written, and with the help of my dictionary, I'm adding to my vocabulary...lots of interesting words in this one), The Abs Diet for Women by David Zinczenko (straight forward, "non-diet" plan to rediscover my abdominals...according to the author, we all have them!), and Starting an Online Business for "Dummies" (abhor the title, but love the content).

Some great used music finds at Everyday Music: Bebel Gilberto "Momento" (love, love, love this music), Juana Molina "Son", Talkdemonic "Beat Romantic", and the latest from Keane. Also found an old Raffi record "Baby Beluga" for the kids.

Some great garage sale finds: large terracotta pots 4/$1, wrought iron garden ornament $1, large Buzz Lightyear toy $1, cool old crocheted pillow that is now my desk chair cushion $2, antique "Kraft" cheese box $2 (great for holding my scrapbook supplies).

The final highlight of the day: Nemo found a pair of Spiderman flip flops at the consignment store where we have ongoing credit. His first pair of flips...he still has a little trouble walking in them, but he loves that he has a pair and I have a pair.

Whew...that's quite the update, and all for now.


Melissa said...

Sounds like you've been busy! Emma had her shots too last month. She's all ready for preschool this fall.

Love the new furniture! The couch looks so comfy and the entertainment center is fantastic! Now if you could find a curio cabinet or china cabinet that goes with the look, you'd be all set! I'd love one of those things to put breakable things up out of reach of little hands!

Love your new haircut too! I'm in desperate need of a new one myself. Looks like yours is nice and low-key.

Melissa said...

ps-Emma LOVES flip-flops. I'm sure it won't be long before Nemo is running around in his. Emma couldn't live without them in the summer-I think she must have 5 pairs!

Jonathan said...

That picture of you in the look just like mom to me. I have talked laura into sending actual invitations for our wedding so I still want info from your business. Two things funny about the post to me though, I was singing baby beluga yesterday and tell nemo his uncle at the age of 23 still cant master flip flops so dont feel bad.

michelle collazo said...

jonathan...yes, flips can be tricky, but keep trying. try "havainas" brand...they're only about $15 a pair and they're the most comfortable i've ever worn...made in brazil, i think. let's talk about the invitations, too. i think we could come up with something very classy but not stuffy. also, thanks for the very nice compliment about resembling mom...can't think of any woman i'd rather look like.

melissa...actually, i don't yet have a picture of the new's even shorter now! still figuring out all the styling nuances!