Friday, May 18, 2007

my projects...

In the last week, I created two layouts...just for me. I actually completed them both in one night, which is pretty amazing considering I'm painfully slow at times to finish. I enjoy the process and the thoughtfulness that goes into each layout, and I'm very proud of them once they're finished. I decided to go with one of Ali Edwards' ideas, which is to keep a scrapbook going just for me...and, to make it different by creating the layouts in this book in a different size. So, I'll be picking up a 3-ring binder from American Crafts that will hold my 8 1/2 x 11 layouts. The kid's books and the family book will all be 12 x 12. I also have a previous issue of Simple Scrapbooks to thank for releasing me from my inner "type A" obligation to chronologically scrapbook. Further, using 3-ring binders (which is what I'm switching to) will allow me to carry out my new method easily because I can conveniently throw the layouts in the book as I complete more fussing with the post-bound shenanigans. What's better...if I decide to make an 8 1/2 x 11 layout for Mia's book, it will fit right in. If I don't want to use a page protector, no problem. Just punch holes. If I want to include a piece of the kid's artwork or memorabilia, that works, too. No more rules.

Today was fun for Ian. He received the new external hard drive that he ordered (250 GB...this is a lot of memory, I'm told) and a surge protector and a couple other little things. All for the business, and the eventual second computer.

Nemo and Mia just enjoyed playing with the box and packing material everything shipped in! Who needs toys, anyway?

The highlights of the earlier part of the week include: a date night on Wednesday...I asked Emily, my good friend from work, to watch the kids, and Ian and I met Julie and Jeremy and Ian's friend, Chi, at Ringler's (McMenamin's) before the concert. We played pool (I sank a few good, lucky shots!) and ate dinner, then went upstairs to the Crystal Ballroom for The Sea and Cake. The third time I've seen them play...superb every time. These guys are amazing musicians, and we all stood right up at the front of the stage. I love watching the interaction between the band members, and the expressions on their faces, and how they play their instruments. We bought a cool t-shirt, too. I spent Thursday assisting in Nemo's preschool classroom...I give his teacher a lot of credit, because it's hard work! Lot's of tattling, lot's of messes, lot's of reminders to follow directions, but lot's of impressive work from those kids, too. I really loved observing Nemo work on a new lesson (sink and float...testing which objects sink and which ones float). One day of assisting was plenty for me! Oh, the other highlight (besides the season finales of The Office and those shows) was that i netflixed season 1 of Arrested Development. Hysterical. Great writing, great come all the good shows get cancelled?