Sunday, November 4, 2007

we've chosen a winner!

Congratulations to Heather H...our randomly chosen winner of a pack of custom designed holiday greeting cards!!

Thanks to everyone who took time to check out our website...and, feel free to visit the site anytime. Don't be shy! We are offering free shipping on all orders now through December 3rd...send out those Christmas cards early or on time this year!! We currently offer holiday greetings and birth announcements, but we hope to expand to many other types of invitations and special events.

We also hope to participate in future giveaways, so there may be more chances to win! custom photo greeting for any occasion.


Laane said...

Congrats to the winner, and thank you for participating.
It was such a pleasure to see al those wonderful sites and give-aways. And ofcourse the waiting for the lucky winner.

Enjoy your autumn!

Chanda Canup said...

this has nothing to do with the contest: I LOVE LOVE LOVE your cummings quote. i am a big fan of his....excellent choice!