Thursday, September 13, 2007

my happyness...

thanks, mom and dad, for the movie recommendation, "the pursuit of happyness". i put it at the top of my netflix queue and watched it tonight. inspiring to say the least.

i'll admit that i'm easily impressioned by movies...i become absorbed and empathetic from the get-go. this movie was no exception. very moved by the story of this man who pressed on to make a better life for himself and his son...very moved by this level of perseverance. my life isn't so bad at all. i've never had to work as hard as he did to reach a goal. maybe i'm not reaching high enough. consistently. it's not to say that i don't work hard at what i do. but i am not facing true adversity. i am not that challenged.

i'm sure by admitting this i'm just welcoming a trial of sorts. for me, though, there's no satisfaction without growth. there's no growth without a bit of discomfort.

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Melissa said...

I really enjoyed this movie too. It was one that Todd and I both watched together, and we were equally impressed. Don't you wish there were more "good ones" out there?